Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Getting the chance to go practically off-grid most of the Spring/Summer. I will take advantage of that opportunity. Therefore, it may be days, weeks, months between posts here. Just letting the reader know, in case he or she is wondering what happened to me, why I am not consistently checking comments or adding content.



The Sun of Righteousness! Part 1: The Sunrise

From Malachi 4:2 do we get the phrase Sun of righteousness. 

In the context that it gets used here, that of a Sun capable of dispersing the terrible darkness of the great tribulation, it follows naturally on the heels of the Sun of Apocalypse series.

The transition of darkness between the two days of Sunshine—the Sun of Apocalypse and the Sun of Righteousness—is incredibly brief but incredibly dark. Rather than getting lost in the darkness between the two, I have to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and start looking forward to the good stuff.

I realize Malachi 4 may have other application(s) than how I use it, but that does not mean the power of the Word is incapable of satisfying more than one meaning. That said, let us begin.

Obviously, the first effect of any sun’s appearance is to drive out the darkness preceding it. The Sun of righteousness will drive out its preceding darkness out in a powerful display, so powerful that words and imagination can hardly begin to cover it.

1 For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.  [Malachi 4:1]

In terms of the great tribulation, the definition of the proud and those who do wickedly will be met in those who have bowed to the image of a man and taken his mark in their right hand or forehead. Their bodies will be burned up, entirely consumed by the heat and fire of the Sun of righteousness.

While this may not happen immediately with the first signs of the Sun’s appearance, it will happen very quickly thereafter. Their conflagration will be complete and entire.

7 And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels,

8 In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ:

9 Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power; [2 Thessalonians 1:7-9]

Perhaps a quick review of the preceding transition of darkness is in order, that we might get a better sense of the contrast between it and the light that will drive it away.

Around the time of Armageddon, (relative to the sixth plague—Revelation 16:12-16), which is a time that the marked will be ready to unleash enough WMD to ensure the destruction of every living thing on the planet, something will distract them from their suicidal course of action. I dare say the only thing capable of distracting them will be the Lord’s appearance in the clouds of heaven.

With his arrival, they will quickly come to a new purpose, which is basically to gather their forces together and march on the Holy land, over which I suppose the Lord and his own will be making a stand very soon after His appearing. Whether or not the assembling forces of the marked meet with the troubles of plague seven on the way there or after they arrive, it is not for me to say; but, it stands to reason that their ability to survive that devastating plague of earthquake and hail (see “Seven Plagues”), is meaningless, for their fate is sealed, and they will perish in flame.

12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth. [Zechariah 14:12]

As with Malachi 4, which may have more than one meaning, I do not claim to be interpreting this verse from Zechariah in the way it is entirely meant to be. That said, I know of at least one popular preacher, John Hagee, who likes to use this verse to predict a nuclear holocaust, which I do not agree with. The Lord does not need a nuclear holocaust to smite in such a way those who assemble to attack Jerusalem.

2 But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. [Malachi 4:2]

When it comes to the events of great tribulation, those who fear His name may fit into a broader than normal category. We may need to disambiguate a little bit between the categories of “saved” and “unsaved.” For even those who are not savvy to the Lord’s identity before he is revealed at his appearance in the clouds of heaven, they are yet worthy of being saved from the fate that belongs to the marked.

At that time, being saved may include any and all who know better than to bow to the image of the man and take his mark. People from diverse cultures and religious backgrounds will find that task so distasteful that they would rather choose a dismal life in the wilderness over that.

The disciple Thomas, sometimes referred to as Doubting Thomas, would not believe in the Lord’s resurrection and appearing until he could see with his own eyes. That did not make him less of a disciple, but he did miss out on the blessing that belongs to those who believe without seeing (John 20:29).

Likewise, a greater blessing belongs to those who believe before seeing Him at his return. This should not diminish much the other survivors’ opportunity to live a wonderful life, a life healed from the illnesses, diseases, and afflictions that so often beset our current generation.

Like calves of the stall, the survivors will have the vigor of youth, and they will have few if any cares, no matter what sort of confinement they may face in terms of a post-apocalyptic civilization.

Among the rubble of civilization, there is at least one thing they need not worry about finding.

3 And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.  [Malachi 4:3]

I believe that potentially billions of bodies (of the marked) rotting in the rubble of civilization would be a bad thing for the survivors to deal with. Fortunately, it is most likely that the marked and their bodies will literally be turned to ash and will become as nothing under the feet of the survivors.

Unfortunately, some of those ashes may be the remains of people we know and care about today. Fortunately, the survivors will be able to get past that. Today is when we need to work at pulling people from the flames as much as possible.

Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 5: The Sunset

Sun of A-Pocalypse!
Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 2
Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 3: A Storm Cloud on the Horizon
Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 4: A Stormy Afternoon

A typical sunset on a nice day might come with beautiful colors and a slow transition into twilight, and then the darkness of night arrives. This will not be the case with the Sun of apocalypse. The stormy afternoon will grow increasingly stormy, and by the time that storm reaches its climax at the end of the day, which coincides with the end of seven years of peace, a deep darkness will rapidly descend upon the world.

The world watches the storm from a distance, a place of security, peace, and safety; sudden destruction awaits when the peace can no longer be confirmed.

The coup de grace against the Christian and Jewish faiths is the ultimatum to bow in worship to a man and then take his mark as a pledge of loyalty. Failure to comply is being entirely cut-off from society. Compliance ensures eternal damnation, hence all loss of peace of mind or soul. A society void or ‘desolate’ the fruits of the Spirit, (love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance—see Galatians 5:22), cannot long endure.

The abomination of desolation is trigger of the great tribulation, which is the darkest time in human history either past or to come. These days will be cut short or all living creatures on the planet would perish. Preparing and equipping others to endure these dark days is the central purpose of my work here. It starts with knowledge—an awareness as to the timing, duration, and severity of the darkness. It ends with utter dependence on the mercies of the Lord and his divine intervention.

My work goes across the current of large portions of mainstream religion. I have reluctantly learned not to fight it directly. At the end of the day we are all going to end up at the same place more or less. The paths we take to get there may vary, and the energies we expend may determine how strong or weak we are when it comes to survival.

I have said it in other places, but it is worth repeating:  that more useful than survival skills and knowledge is something to look forward to, a reason to endure. For that reason I must interpret Scriptures in such a way to believe that these days of darkness cannot last much more than six weeks. (References available upon request.) Anything much longer would be too demanding or taxing upon the morale of the survivors.

Martyrdom, exile, and supernatural plagues do not make these days the worst in human history, although these things will be globally widespread in that time; rather, it is the effects upon world society, a society terribly misguided and lost, with potentially billions of souls stolen by the Devil in a matter of days or weeks, that make it so dark.

The inability to sympathize for these lost souls becomes more of a problem the longer we expect their creature comforts to remain. (Bowing in worship to the man and taking his mark are mandatory for anyone wishing to buy or sell in the world.) The longer we expect the great tribulation to last, the harder it is to blame their choice, and the less we sympathize with what they must endure, and that is a profoundly sad idea.

In terms of recruiting potential survivors, odds are that I will be more successful if I can convince someone that they only need to survive a little more than six weeks. Good luck convincing anyone, even the hardiest of survivalists, to attempt surviving off-grid for three and a half years or more.

Despite the post-apocalyptic ruins that will be present after this short period of time, especially owing to the seventh plague (see “Seven Plagues”), the rewards that belong to survivors, both “saved” and “unsaved,” will be incredible. The “left behind” have not got it so bad after all.

Divine intervention around the time of Armageddon, (relative to the sixth plague), will distract the lost society of the marked from unleashing their arsenals of WMD. After the fifth plague, their despair and disillusionment will make mutually assured destruction seem like the best solution.

In contrast, the fifth plague brings survivors, the un-marked, great respite and a second wind. They will have overcome the temptation to return to civilization. They will be able to relax a little and settle into a more comfortable routine of survival. Where the “saved” and “unsaved” might commingle in such a setting, we can get the mental image of two men walking in a field together (as they hunt for food), or two ladies in a shelter grinding some grain (to make flour for bread).

I mention these conditions because it is said (Matthew 24:40-43), that these will occur when the Lord returns. We may not know in what hour or what day the Lord returns, but we can know in what watch of the night. Relative to the plagues that occur during the great tribulation, I do not believe it is an arbitrary placement of the warning to watch for his return in relation to the events around the time of Armageddon, (see Revelation 16:12-16).

After plague five, the marked will be ready to kill themselves and every living creature on the planet, (and in such a state they won’t be so concerned about apprehending survivors in the wilderness any longer).  Only a major distraction could prevent them from following through on their suicidal course of action.

The most major distraction I can imagine is the Son of Man returning in the clouds of heaven. Their initial reaction of fear and dismay may give way to an attempt to gather together somewhere near the Holy land in an attempt to attack this new “threat.” Their approach and gathering will be effected by plague seven and then a fiery destruction that comes from the Lord himself.

In Malachi chapter four, we read that the Sun of righteousness arises with his healing in his wings, and the wicked shall be ashes under the souls of our (survivor’s) feet. I take this to be a literal thing: that they, the marked, will be ashes, and the post-apocalypse world is not burdened with the disposal of potentially billions of bodies.

The Sun of apocalypse may pale in comparison to the Sun of righteousness, but it does not make the lesser light one that we should descry or denounce. When it comes to providing some contrast, the Sun of apocalypse will succeed at breaking up the darkness of the night of the War on Terror, and that should say a lot.

That the peace does not last more than seven years hardly gives us a reason to disparage it or call it “false.” Such behavior is necessary I suppose, considering how far the world must go from where we are now to a point that they would be able to accept and allow our annihilation, but I would rather not see people engaging in that behavior–disparaging the peace. I don’t think the world needs much more help than it already has got.

Sun of A-Pocalypse!
Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 2
Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 3: A Storm Cloud on the Horizon
Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 4: A Stormy Afternoon

Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 4: A Stormy Afternoon

In context of the the Sun of Apocalypse being present for a single day, a day of apocalypse, we can briefly summarize this day in several stages so far:  Part 1—the sunrise; Part 2—a bright morning; Part 3—a storm cloud appears on the horizon at midday; and Part 4—a stormy afternoon.

In reality, the day of apocalypse is going to last longer than a whole day, and the stormy afternoon will actually stretch out over a period of forty-two months.

A storm can be awesome to watch—if you are sheltered and it is not hammering down on your shelter.  From a place of relative peace and safety, the world will be watching as an international entity makes war on the Jewish and Christian faiths for a period of forty-two months. (Scripture references available upon request).

Where we stand in society at the beginning of the storm will not be the same place we stand at the end of it.

How we get from point A to point B is largely up to us.


We can let the storm blow us over a cliff, whereafter we fall and roll to an unpleasant position for the bulk of the three and a half years, or we can go with the flow, taking up wings as it were and gliding gracefully along on the currents until we make our inevitable descent to the finish line.

There is no cut and dry strategy for enduring the storm unscathed; few, if any, will. Whether fighting on the front lines with the public church or standing with the reserve forces who have taken their faith into the closet and into small private gatherings, there will be some good, some bad, and some ugly results.

Where there is less potential for good, and more potential for bad and ugly, is in the amount of people who will attempt to stand with the public church, only to abandon their faith once the storm’s intensity becomes too much. In Second Thessalonians Chapter Two, Paul foretells a notable falling away from the faith prior to the Lord’s return; the forty-two month storm is very likely to produce such results.

I totally respect people’s desire to resist and fight the coming storm. At the same time though, I realize it is not in everybody’s interest to be on the front lines. Considering the numbers of people who are expecting the public Church to be gone by this time anyhow, the notion of a private or underground church should not be too far-fetched.

Every individual and every family will have their own unique set of circumstances that will effect their strategy for dealing with the storm. We should not be judging each other based upon our choices to stand against the backdrop of the public church or the backdrop of a private faith.

What matters is that we choose our battles wisely, and that we learn to dance in the rain.

Sun of A-Pocalypse!
Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 2
Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 3: A Storm Cloud on the Horizon

Left Behind: The True Story

It won’t be seven years. It won’t be three and a half years, not even close. A few days, a few hours, maybe. However long it lasts, they are going to be okay.

When the Lord returns, when he raptures his own, cars won’t suddenly be without a driver, airplanes will not suddenly be without a pilot.

Our friends and loved ones, those who will not believe before seeing with their own eyes, they will not be left behind to fend for themselves any serious length of time.

Any who know better than to bow in worship to a man, and who know better than to take his mark, they will be apt to receive mercy and grace. Although they may have to face the challenge of surviving off-grid for a short length of time, many of them will endure, alongside many of us who do believe.

The Lord does not return, does not rapture his people, until around the time of Armageddon (see Revelation 16:12-16). The only people driving cars or flying planes at that time will be those who have bowed to the image of the beast and taken his mark.

The great tribulation comes with seven plagues. Armageddon is related to the sixth. Armageddon is a situation, a very complex situation,  that left to its own devices would ensure the destruction of every living creature on the planet. Fortunately, we know the Lord will divinely intervene in this situation to cut short these days.

The seventh plague is going to turn the world upside down and inside out, bringing down the structures and infrastructures of society, leaving the marked, those who bowed to the image of the beast with nothing, no reason to live, as if they could live longer anyhow. Fiery destruction is their lot, any of them that somehow survive plague seven.

While the Lord’s arrival sometime around the time of Armageddon involves a resurrection of those who were beheaded for their faith during the great tribulation, and a rapture of living believers, it makes one wonder how other unmarked survivors are to endure the seventh plague.

I can only hope that the Lord will see these other survivors as worthy of divine protection from the seventh plague. (See the blog-post:  “What Age?”)

Considering that they are worthy of mercy and considering that it is His will for humanity to rebuild and repopulate the world during the Millennial reign, it stands to reason that the Lord would desire to preserve as many of these as possible.

The amount of time between the seventh plague and the beginning of the Millennial kingdom must be negligible, especially from the perspective of those receiving divine protection and mercy. Their chance to rebuild must begin almost immediately, and if that seems like too daunting a task, I would suggest reading the blog-post “Just One Expectation.”

The Dirtiest Job in Christianity

When reading the New Testament gospels, you might notice that Jesus’ interactions with the religious leaders were such that it pretty much ensured he would eventually be killed by them.

Did he interact in such a way—convicting them of their sin, calling them hypocrites, liars, sons of the Devil, murderers—because they would kill him? Or did they kill him because he said those things and talked to them so?

When I prognosticate future events, I sometimes feel tempted to worry about whether or not my words will be the reason some bad things happen. But then I realize how small and insignificant I am. And it becomes all too clear that things will not happen because I write about them; rather, I write about them because they will happen.

Now, when it comes to the world and our (Christianity’s) relationship with it, there is room for a lot of sympathy. The world must come to a point where it is ready to slaughter us wholesale. We are talking about “good” people who just want to live their lives and mind their own business.

They would rather not get involved with politics or religion, and yet they will come to a place where they will either be complicit in our deaths or actively involved in taking us to a place of martyrdom.

Fortunately, we have plenty of people on our side who are more than ready and willing to make their job a whole lot easier.

I have come to the opinion that the apocalypse is the worst botched subject in Christianity because it is around the time of the end—the time that Christianity must be cut off from world society—that our “knowledge” and “wisdom” on the subject will be a real contributing factor to our diminishing role in civilization. (Where “civilization” is heading, I think we should be grateful to be cut off from it at that time.)

Like I mentioned above, we have plenty of people on our side who will make the world’s job of killing us a whole lot easier.

It is an unpleasant enough subject that I would not mind being free from it altogether, but then it strikes me that maybe I could convince some that there is a better way to live, that we do not need to contribute any more to that cause, that we could work in an understanding way, to ensure that we do not meet our demise too soon, that we do not fail to reach out to those who are still looking for an escape from the world’s side of the battle.

With apocalyptic scriptures doing so much to ensure that Christians will participate in fulfilling them, in the sense of helping the world make martyrs of us, it stands to reason that apocalyptic scriptures would also hold some other purpose(s).

To learn more, I suggest reading these posts:
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Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 3: A Storm Cloud on the Horizon

Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 1
Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 2

No subject in Christendom is more botched than the subject of the apocalypse. Maybe there is an underlying cause, a divine reason, and no accurate foresight should ever get published; after all, an accurate foresight may be the best strategic playbook that we could possess, and it would be nice to keep some knowledge concealed on our own sideline.

Perhaps we just need to discover what love has got to do with it. Because it is not enough to understand the mysteries of prophecy or have the knowledge of how to cope with troubled times, we need a doctrine of love or it will go nowhere.

God’s fervent love for the lost and His plan to preserve a remnant of humanity through the greatest trouble in human history gets little attention in so much of the prognostication.

The erroneous teaching that Christ can come back at any second makes people mental. There is hardly anything more depressing and there is hardly a greater source of anxiety than to think I can enter glory any moment and some of my loved ones will be “left behind” to cope with seven years of Hell on earth. Leaving a trail of bread crumbs toward the truth in the form of books and movies is a very weak display of love in my opinion. A contrived evangelism that relies on the premise of impending doom and gloom is not an effective witnessing program.

The end-times theory that hangs its focus on the plagues of wrath and our worthiness to escape those plagues, (as if the plagues are so bad to people of faith), again leaves the ‘unsaved’ left to fend for themselves for months and years. “Sorry, but God helped Israel all that time in their exodus from Egypt; so, I guess you—who have yet to be saved—you will be okay too.”

It does not quite work that way in the great tribulation.

Our generation has become lax and seems to have forgotten that we are instructed to bear our own crosses. We think because we are near the last-days that we somehow get an exemption. We take scriptures that apply to the peace and safety of our souls and apply it to our flesh. The premises of the most popular theories puts our own well being and comfort on a pedestal above the world’s, a world that the Lord still loves with a greater love than we can comprehend.

I have to believe certain events are foretold for a reason, not just to make monkeys out of some of us, (although they can do that with alacrity). But the real purpose must be to provide us a head’s-up in time to make a difference. Fortunately, as I write this, there is yet time to reach a clearer understanding and to do something tangible with that for the benefit of those who might need a little help.

Those who do not wish to use any sort of ‘rehearsal guide’ will manage one way or another to finish their roles upon the world stage, and for that reason I would never force a prospective future on anybody. We like to be in control of our own lives and do not appreciate anyone or anything trying to tell us what will happen or when. If the believer is to ever help the unbeliever through apocalyptic scenes, the believers must first learn to help themselves through the same.

I cannot say what all the various reasons are that keep people feeling motivated to discover the future, yet I am fairly clear on my own:  that folks would see certain scriptures in ways not considered before, and they would change their unbrotherly behaviors and begin laying the groundwork for a way of living godly lives despite the prospect of troublesome times to come; this is a necessary groundwork because so much effort will be made by the enemy, the Devil, to rob the kingdom of heaven of as many souls as possible, a movement already foreshadowed in the growing momentum of an anti-religious sentiment within society.

The Alignment of Anti-Religious Sentiment with Current Events and Prophecy

  • War on Terror=The Rise and Fall of Islamic Radicalism
  • Peace for Israel and the World=New Temple for Israel in Jerusalem=Many believers going mental on apocalyptic prophecies in a time that the world will have little or no tolerance left for radical religious ideas
  • A sad but inevitable delusion that the diminishing of the Christian and Jewish faiths will prolong the peace=The search for an opportunity to begin a campaign that would actively diminish those faiths around the world
  • The dedication of an altar in the temple area in Jerusalem=A loud outcry against animal sacrifice=An international governing force interferes with the religious rights of a sovereign nation
  • A short pause wherein the international governing force can gauge public reaction to such a step=Plenty of encouragement to actively pursue a comprehensive agenda to marginalize and do away with the Christian and Jewish faiths

The coming war on religion will not appear like a Hurricane Katrina, seemingly overnight and with little warning, thereby creating a sudden and cataclysmic change. It appears like a dark and brooding storm cloud on the horizon at midday. Everyone will see it coming. The worldly will see it in time to take cover and watch from a distance, a place of relative peace and safety. The godly, especially within the realms of Christianity and Judaism, will be in the general path of the storm, and our actions and reactions at that time will be varied, in order to cover a multitude of fronts on which the storm will soon hit.

Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 1
Sun of A-Pocalypse! Part 2